What to Expect in College

Everyone has a different idea of what college will be like. Whether filled with excitement or nervousness, each new student approaches it with a unique view. What will classes be like? How will you make new friends? How do you balance school and a job and still have a social life? How can you be successful as a new college student?

You should realize that there is no set path. You may be attending a local community college or a big university in another state. Maybe you just graduated high school or, perhaps, you’re a parent who decided to change careers. Whatever the case may be, the experience of being a new student can be overwhelming. So with that in mind, this is what you should expect.


1. You will be held accountable. Your actions and decisions will all have consequences. Most professors do not want to hear excuses. If there is a true emergency, they may be willing to work with you, but do not make a habit out of it.

2. You will have to motivate yourself. You will have to wake up, go to class, and study. Nobody is going to force you or hold your hand.

3. You will make lifelong friends and have instructors that inspire you. These are the people you’ll look to for advice and help.

4. You will meet people you never want to see again and have professors that you can’t stand. It’s inevitable. You won’t like everyone, but you’ll have to deal with them.

5. Ask for help. Talk to your professor or get a tutor if you don’t understand a subject. Reach out to an advisor to help choose the right classes. Make an appointment with a counselor if you’re struggling to adjust to campus life. You have resources available to you, utilize them.

College is a journey and there is no right road to get there. All of us at Higher Learning come from various backgrounds, but ultimately have one goal: a college degree. We recognize the hard work that comes with achieving that goal. Our ambition is to help new students navigate their way through college by offering advice and resources. You are responsible for your own success, but we hope to give you a solid foundation on which to build that success. Good luck!